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Founder. Creative Director. Head Honcho.


Multi Award-Winning Wedding Planner

"I'd LOVE your job..."

I’m often asked what it’s like to be a multi-award-winning wedding planner.

The truth is, it’s 5 am alarm calls and 5 am finishes. It’s working in the pouring rain and the blazing sun. 

It’s travelling the length and breadth of the region at weird and wonderful hours.  

It’s winning hearts and minds.

It’s making the impossible happen.

It’s working with integrity and love with the best couples across the planet. 

It’s collaborating with the most talented, creative wedding professionals across the UK.   

It’s hard. Sometimes, bloody hard. 

But it’s also magical. SO magical.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Planning & designing amazing weddings was never something that featured in my life goals. Whilst I’ve always been creative, my career started in the corporate world. From investment banking and management consulting to building a leading UK corporate practice from the ground up, I was probably what you would consider a high flier.

But I’ll be honest, fulfilment was lacking, and something was missing, and on a grey day, on a grey train to London, surrounded by grey people, I knew something had to change.

Back then, I had just started planning my wedding, and as a busy professional, I knew I didn’t have the time or knowledge to plan the wedding we truly wanted. I knew that support was needed, so we decided to look for a wedding planner to help us realise our vision.

We wanted somebody who would prioritise the practical but also bring the pretty. Somebody focused on the nitty-gritty and logistics who could still deliver the big creative ideas.

A person who was down to earth and approachable that we could trust would always have our best interests at heart.

A wedding planner who had amazing contacts and could take the pressure away, enabling us to enjoy the fun aspects of planning our wedding. 

Ultimately, we wanted an experienced, professional wedding planner who could deliver a tailored, client-focused service that worked around our busy lifestyles.

We never found that person.

It dawned on me that there had to be other busy people out there who would also need what we desperately wanted but couldn’t find.

Couples who would want to hire the perfect person to take care of the biggest damn party they’d ever throw. 

The seed for One Curious Dream was sown.

I’ve never looked back.

I work hard. I play hard.

When I’m not living and breathing weddings, you’ll find me at home in Norwich, Norfolk, usually planning my next adventure – it’s no secret that travel and exploring the world is my ‘Why’.

Whilst most of my clients plan weddings in London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge or Essex, many are based further afield throughout the UK and overseas so I spend a lot of time on the road, which is handy as I love discovering new places!

I’m always asking my couples about the must-visit places (well, restaurants) whilst I’m in their neck of the woods – there’s no doubt that great food (and delicious wine!) is a huge part of my life.

I consume music – you’ll find anything from dance through to jazz, funk, soul,  (and let’s be honest, a bit of pop!) on my playlists.

I hate having my photo taken and despise rudeness.

I laugh – a lot. 

I’m told I have a wicked sense of humour. 

I work hard; I play hard.

I’m a true lover of life.

I do what I love. I love what I do.


Do what you love.

Love what you do.

Meet Danielle

Being a wedding planner has always been a lifelong dream, born out of a passion for weddings and love. 

At One Curious Dream, I feel so lucky that I get to plan beautiful weddings with gorgeous couples and also head up our Wedding Coordination team. 

For me, it’s so much more than a job; I genuinely love what I do and truly care about people and giving them the best experience possible. 

To call me a hopeless romantic is the greatest compliment; I strive to hug a little harder, love a little deeper and dream a little more each and every day.

I love simple but delicious food, fine wines and beautifully made cocktails. I love to read, watch old romantic movies under the stars and plan picnics or intimate dinners with my family. 

I have a strong focus on wellness, meditation and authentic experiences – I love feeling connected with people and nature. I love to travel with my husband and daughters, discovering new and exciting places around the world but, most importantly, creating lifelong memories. 

I’m a dog lover and have three beautiful pups, Alfie, Peach and Mango, who are all as full of love as I am.

Our team work with amazing couples right across the globe to plan wow-factor weddings in London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex. You can keep follow our work and adventures on Instagram right here.

We offer a free, informal wedding consultation where we can chat through the ideas and aspirations for your wedding, and then share how we work our award-winning wedding planning magic!

Book your wedding consultation here, or drop us a line instead: hello@onecuriousdream.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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