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What does a wedding stylist do?

As an award-winning wedding stylist (aka a Wedding Decorator) working across the UK, I’m often asked “what does a wedding stylist do?”, so today, I’d like to share an overview of how a wedding stylist can help couples to design and style an amazing wedding!

Firstly, if you haven’t checked out my wedding styling service page, it’s definitely worth a look to get an overview of the One Curious Dream wedding styling service, you can take a look here.

What does a UK wedding stylist do?

In a nutshell, a wedding stylist will help you design the aesthetic for your wedding. A great wedding stylist will be able to interpret your vision and find creative ways to bring this to life at your wedding venue, within the budget you have to work with. There are a few common misconceptions about working with a wedding stylist, here are a few myths dispelled!

Wedding Stylist myth 1 – trend-led weddings!

It’s a really common question! Whilst as a wedding decorator I’ll always stay tuned to the latest trends that are taking place across fashion, interiors and culture in general, I actually prefer design that is classic and will stand the test of time. I want you to look back at your wedding photographs in years to come and absolutely love what you see.

Lots of the weddings that I design and style are heavily influenced by nature, so you’ll see me make use of foliage and florals as well as embrace the lighting provided by mother nature at the time of year you get married.

Whilst I’m never opposed to including a few trend-led pieces, if you’re looking for a glitzy neon heavy wedding with a ton of chintz, I might not be the right wedding stylist for you!

Wedding stylist myth 2 – What if we have a different vision?

My role as your wedding decorator and stylist is to tease out the ideas that are unique and personal to you – I’m not here to tell you what wedding decorations you need to have (unless you want me too!)

I take a collaborative approach to working with you when designing your wedding, so our first wedding design session together is very much about me getting to know you as a couple and finding out more about what makes you tick. I’ll find gentle, subtle ways to weave these ideas into your wedding decor scheme so that it feels authentic and unique and importantly, reflects you both as a couple.

Wedding Stylist myth 3 – Wedding stylists aren’t worth the money!

Past One Curious Dream wedding design and styling clients would say a big, fat, YES! I mean, I’d obviously say that, but you can check out some of the lovely reviews I’ve received here. When couples ask me about the main benefit of hiring a wedding stylist, I tend to summarise what my job involves and how this can help you have not only a stress-free lead-up to your wedding but also ensures your big day looks spectacular!

Firstly, I’ll work with you through the wedding design stages to help you design a beautiful setting for your wedding and then, I’ll tap into my little black book of trusted wedding suppliers and creatives to help bring your wedding decor vision to life.

From sourcing expert wedding florists, lighting professionals, stationery suppliers right through to crockery and cutlery, I’ll assemble your creative team to ensure the vision is spot on! Of course, I’ll do this within your wedding decor budget to ensure there are no sleepless nights or worries on the financial side of things!

I’ll then create a wedding setup schedule that will be used by your creative team, so we can ensure the decor setup day runs smoothly. I will then be with you at your wedding venue to undertake the bulk of the hard work, ensuring everything looks picture-perfect, whilst leading your team of creative wedding decor suppliers. Some of my clients love to be involved in the setup stage, whilst others prefer me to take care of the styling independently – I’m equally happy with both options and, we’ll decide together how much involvement you wish to have.

Of course, one of the significant benefits of me leading your wedding styling at your wedding venue is that you can relax before your big day! I’ll arrive with my magic bag of tricks including all of the tools of the trade, that I’ve gathered together over the years of styling weddings so that we’re covered for every eventuality. You’ll benefit from my wedding styling experience and find out first-hand why One Curious Dream is an award-winning wedding styling business!

There are so many more reasons as to why you might wish to hire a wedding designer and wedding stylist, but hopefully, this gives you a flavour of how I would work with you. If you’re getting married in the UK and are looking for a wedding stylist, I’d love to hear from you!

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