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Wedding Website – why you should have one!

As an award-winning UK wedding event  planner, I can tell you that the majority of my wedding planning clients choose to build a wedding website, and here’s why!

In this day and age, there tends to be a vast amount of information about your wedding which needs to be shared with your wedding guests and generally, this just won’t fit on your wedding invitations without sending a small booklet to each guest!

Being able to keep your wedding guests updated with all of the important information they need about your wedding is essential, particularly where you’re hosting a weekend wedding or a UK destination wedding.

Collating all of the essential wedding info and sharing this in one place will make the wedding experience much smoother for your guests and will also ensure you don’t keep being asked the same questions.

As a professional wedding organiser, I would highly recommend you build a wedding website.

Having a wedding website is also an environmentally friendly option as you won’t be sending lots of post to your nearest and dearest. This has the added bonus that you’ll potentially save some cash on postage!

Where can you create a wedding website?

Thankfully, you don’t need to be Steve Jobs to create a wedding website! There are so many simple to use, drag and drop templates that can be purchased for a relatively low fee. Some of my faves include:



The Knot

All of these are incredibly easy to use and shouldn’t take much time to set up either. Each site has different options and templates available, with differing levels of involvement.

Some will allow guests to rsvp and provide menu selections, as well as create your table plans and seating layouts. Some are far more simple and will share only the pertinent information that your wedding guests require. Take a look at the options and then decide how in-depth you need your wedding website to be.

What information should you include on your wedding website?

The simple answer to this is EVERYTHING. Having a wedding website is designed to help take the pressure off you, so if you want to make sure your guests are clued up and don’t need to ask you about all of the important details, make sure you include the information they need.

As a starter for ten, make sure your wedding website contains the following:

  • Wedding date and time of ceremony
  • Wedding ceremony venue, address and a map or link to its website
  • The wedding reception venue, address and a map or link to its website
  • Whether you are providing transport and if not, nearest public transport options
  • Local taxi numbers (make sure you let the taxi company know about your wedding in advance as well)
  • Accommodation options either at the venue or nearby. Include a wide selection from inexpensive b&b’s through to luxury hotels
  • Information about the local area, particularly useful if you’re planning a weekend wedding
  • RSVP arrangements
  • Menu selections including any dietary requirements
  • Outline timings for the wedding day including the finish time
  • Venue specific information such as whether there’s an open bar or cash bar
  • Gift list information or a link to your registry
  • Dress code, particularly important if you’re having an outdoor wedding

What fun elements can you include on your wedding website?

Of course, you may also wish to include some fun elements. Lots of couples add pictures of themselves from key moments in their relationship, as well as biographies of the bridal party. It’s your wedding, so be playful and set the tone for your wedding day with your wedding website.

How can a wedding planner help with your wedding website?

If you’re working with a wedding planner in the UK, they’ll be able to help you include the important information. I regularly help my wedding planning clients to personalise their website and make it unique, fun and fresh so that their personalities shine.

If you’re planning a wedding in the UK and fancy chatting through the plans for your wedding, I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me on [email protected] or 0800 772 0765.



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