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Bit of a serious one today but an incredibly important wedding subject to tackle – how do you find reputable wedding suppliers?

At One Curious Dream, we understand that not all couples choose to work with a professional wedding planner. Of course, if you are getting married and have chosen to work with a wedding planner, it goes without saying that it’s very likely you’ll benefit from your wedding planners knowledge and expertise so you will categorically know that your wedding suppliers will be top-notch!

Our team of wedding planners carefully vet the suppliers we work with before we recommend them to you and as members of the UKAWP, we don’t accept commission or referral fees from wedding suppliers. This means that you can always be sure our wedding supplier recommendations are made with your very best interests at heart!

However, if you’re not working with a wedding planner, it’s still just as important that you find wedding suppliers who are above board and will be able to deliver on their promises, there’s only one chance to get your wedding day right, after all! Here are three quick wedding tips to help you find reputable wedding suppliers.

Research, research, research your wedding suppliers!

It sounds really obvious, but take the time to do your research before hiring any wedding supplier. The obvious place to start is the website of your wedding supplier, but please make sure you delve a little deeper and don’t just accept the information provided on face value. At One Curious Dream, we regularly find our website copy and images on other wedding planner websites so don’t be afraid to ask questions of the potential wedding supplier to satisfy yourself that the wedding business is legit!

Checking reviews online is worthwhile and also look at the comments made on any social media posts. Wedding businesses with happy clients should have lots of positive interactions and comments from happy couples. Take a look at our Instagram profile here to see this in action! Also, do take a look to make sure the wedding business is regularly working – whilst all wedding businesses will be closed during the current lockdown, pre-lockdown social channels should show lots of recent weddings!

Wedding contracts

If you’re thinking of hiring a wedding supplier, you must must MUST ensure that a formal contract or written agreement is issued. This protects both parties and reputable wedding suppliers wouldn’t dream of accepting a wedding booking without the documentation in place! It’s important that you know precisely what the wedding supplier will provide so that there are no nasty surprises in the lead-up to your wedding.

Similarly, reputable wedding suppliers will be able to share the details of their wedding insurance policies and should also evidence any specialist policies that apply within their industry, food hygiene certification for caterers is a good example.

Beware the sales state!

Look, we all love a bargain! But ever heard that phrase “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is?” – this applies to the wedding industry! Great wedding suppliers price their services honestly and fairly so whilst many businesses will use discounts or special offers from time to time, beware of those who seem to operate in a continuous sales state! If every single social media post on the wedding supplier’s feed is shouting about discounted wedding packages, ask yourself why as there will almost certainly be a reason!

Take a look at the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP)

Mentioned above, this is the leading membership body for wedding planners and wedding suppliers in the UK. There’s a fantastic guide on the UKAWP website here. The UKAWP carefully vet each wedding planner and wedding supplier so you can guarantee a quality service by using members of this wedding organisation.

If you’re struggling to find reputable wedding suppliers or would like to find out more about our wedding planning services, we’d love to hear from you! You can reach us on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected] or book a free, no-obligation wedding consultation here.


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