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As a multi-award-winning wedding planner, I know that planning a wedding can feel like a huge challenge, and occasionally, mistakes can happen! However, if you’re not working with a wedding planner, you must give yourself the very best opportunity to have a fun and enjoyable wedding planning experience, so here are 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid!

Wedding Planning Mistake 1: Failing to communicate

Communication is key to planning a wedding, both with your wedding venue, wedding suppliers and VIP’s in your bridal party. With venues and suppliers, always ensure your contracts and agreements are in writing in a legally binding format.

Additionally, it is crucial to make sure all appropriate wedding party members feel included in the wedding planning process. Often drama can ensure when people you love feel excluded from the process. Whilst it is always your wedding, and you must prioritise what is most important to you, keeping other VIP’s linked into the planning process (your parents or bridesmaids, for example) can ensure you share the load but also allow others to enjoy the process with you. The better your communication throughout the planning process, the more likely you’ll have fun!

Wedding Planning Mistake 2: Being Inflexible

Wedding planning can be a highly emotional experience, and it’s easy to lose perspective! At One Curious Dream, I help my couples take a practical and pragmatic approach when planning a wedding so that not only can they solve problems before they arise but also ensure they can consider any challenges in a logical way. The simple fact is that planning a wedding requires a degree of flexibility, which sometimes can be hard to do! However, the more open and responsive to change, and your ability not to sweat the small stuff will ensure a much happier wedding planning service!

Wedding Planning Mistake 3: Not hiring a Wedding Planner

As an award-winning Norfolk wedding Planner, I would advocate for anybody planning a wedding to hire a wedding planner! Not only will we help you find your dream wedding venue, but we’ll also assemble your dream team of wedding suppliers, take care of the logistics, contracts and schedules and ensure that every tiny detail is taken care of!

Most of my couples tend to be busy people who appreciate that planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and would struggle to find the 250 hours + required to plan a wow-factor wedding. Hiring a wedding planner takes the stress and worry out of the experience and allows you to focus on the fun elements of planning your wedding!

Wedding Planning Mistake 4: Not Having Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance generally costs less than £1 per guest and covers lost deposits due to cancellations, accidental damage of the venue or other emergencies that may arise throughout the delivery of your wedding. Wedding insurance also covers other accidents such as food poisoning, fire, car crashes and more! Wedding insurance is an affordable way of avoiding further stress and anxiety if something does go wrong, which can cost you thousands of pounds. It always amazes me that so many couples don’t get insurance cover in place when making such a significant financial investment on their wedding day!

Wedding Planning Mistake 5: Trying to please everybody!

It’s always important to remember that it is your wedding and that you can’t possibly please everybody! The stress of trying to please everybody can be enormous, and if you try too hard, you could end up being exhausted and losing the love for planning your wedding! Wedding planners, wedding venue coordinators and industry experts are here to help, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

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As an Elite member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, (the only East of England Wedding Planner with this accreditation) I work in accordance with a strict code of conduct and do not accept commission or referral fees for making my supplier recommendations. Working from the One Curious Dream HQ in Norwich, the heart of Norfolk, I plan and design amazing weddings for couples across London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex, as well as further afield throughout the UK.


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