Wedding Planning Consultations – What do they involve?

Wedding Planning Advice

Not sure about you, but it feels like things are edging back to normality – at last! I know we’re still very much not out of the woods yet in terms of the impact of COVID-19 on weddings, BUT, lots of you lovely people are cracking on with your wedding plans, which is good to see!

Our team of wedding planners have been busy chatting with new couples across the East of England who have booked wedding planning consultations, so, I thought it would be useful to tell you about the process and what you can expect from this session.

We get to know each other!

At One Curious Dream, we’re incredibly lucky that every single one of the weddings we plan is as unique as our couples – there’s no one size fits all or cookie cutter wedding planning packages here! So, our starting point is always to find out more about you as a couple – what are your likes, what’s your story and what makes you tick. Don’t worry, we won’t ask deep and personal questions about your relationship, this is more a fact-finding mission to find out what makes you tick!

On the flip side, you’ll get to know us too! At One Curious Dream, our wedding planners work in a pretty relaxed way, and we’re a pretty down-to-earth, approachable bunch. We like to think we have wicked senses of humour as well, but we’ll let you be the judge of that! Seriously, though, deciding to hire a wedding planner is a big step, so it’s incredibly important that you gel with a wedding planner before you book them to plan your wedding.

This is an excellent opportunity to find about us, our experience, and what we’re like as people, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

We dig deeper…

As well as getting to know you, we also need to find out more about your initial wedding plans. At this stage, we’re not expecting you to have everything figured out, and honestly, some couples know exactly what they would like for their wedding, and others just know that they want to get married. Our wedding consultation sessions are designed for us to dig a little deeper and help you shape the direction you’d like to head in with the wedding overall.

Magic making processes!

Yep, we’ll also take the opportunity to tell you how we work our wedding planning magic. Most people won’t have hired a wedding planner before, so this our opportunity to tell you how we work, what we do and the processes that we follow. It’s worth noting that we adapt our wedding planning services to work around your specific requirements as no two of our weddings are ever the same!

We usually like to host our wedding planning consultations in person over a cocktail/cuppa or cake – but, given the current state of affairs, our initial consultations are currently being held online. We have a little more time on our hands right now, we can be flexible as to when these take place, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

If you’d like to book a free wedding planning consultation with our team, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line to [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 772 0765 or book directly here.

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