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Wedding Planning Advice – Having a positive wedding mindset!

I’d like to share a little wedding planning advice today – here’s how to keep a positive wedding mindset during a pandemic!

Hi and welcome back to the Weddings by One Curious Dream wedding blog, great to see you here! As a multi-award-winning UK wedding planner, I know that the last 19 months has been incredibly challenging for anybody with a connection to the wedding industry – whether you’re a couple planning your wedding, a wedding venue or wedding supplier, COVID has turned our world upside down.

There’s no doubt that it’s been an incredibly tough time, and we’re still navigating unchartered waters together amidst so much uncertainty. Fingers crossed, we’re now finding the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know for many of you, it really is still such a stressful time that is full of anxiety and worry.

So, today, I’d like to explore something a little off-topic and share some more positive wedding planning advice with you – how to develop a positive mindset and keep your shit together amidst a global pandemic!

Whilst having a positive mindset won’t make issues related to your wedding vanish into thin air, it may just help you to manage any wedding challenges in a way that feels less stressful and will ultimately help you be more productive and pragmatic when having to make the tough decisions.

Here are a couple of tips that have helped me to stay focused, optimistic and able to support our wedding planning clients through their wedding postponements. I hope they help you too.

Wedding Planning Advice 1 – Focus on the positive aspects of planning your wedding.

Look, I know this sounds painfully obvious, but, TRY to focus on the positives – even when it feels like everything is going wrong, there’s always a silver lining.

Let me give you an example, one of my summer 2020 wedding planning couples had to postpone their wedding to summer 2023. However, having this extra time has meant more opportunity to save the pennies, and as a result, these couples are now able to add a videographer and additional statement flowers to their budget. Does it make up for postponing their wedding? Of course not. BUT is there a small silver lining? Definitely!

Wedding Planning Advice 2 – Find your tribe!

Sounds cheesy, but it’s so true! Hanging out with people who have a negative vibe is only going to drag you down further. One of the most common things I’ve heard from my wedding planning couples is that the stress of negative (although clearly well-meaning) friends and family constantly badgering them have made postponing their wedding even tougher to deal with.

I totally get it – you want the lead-up to your wedding to be super fun and exciting, so when you have people always asking “ are you going to postpone your wedding” and are filling your head with sad news articles, it’s not going to help you emotionally.

My advice? Shut out the noise, talk to your beau and seek out the people in your circle who have sunnier dispositions. Not only will they help you to look at things practically, hopefully removing the emotion from the equation, but they’ll also likely make you feel better in the process too.

Wedding Planning Advice 3 – every day is a new day!

It’s so important to start your day the right way, e.g., with a positive mental attitude. Ultimately, you can’t control everything happening around you, but you can control how you respond to each situation as it occurs.

So start your day by telling yourself that it WILL be a good day and that no matter what happens, you’re bad-ass enough to handle anything and everything that comes your way!

Wedding planning advice 4 – healthy body, healthy mind!

I start with my day with a run or a peloton ride and a high octane soundtrack, it gets the heart racing and helps release all of those endorphins into your body. If this isn’t quite your bag, pop on a playlist at home that makes you happy and don’t be afraid to sing your heart out!

Most importantly, even if your previous day was bad, don’t carry over negative emotions into your new day – dwelling on a bad situation won’t improve it. Instead, focus on finding the joy in your day and keep the faith that the future will be rosier.

I know it’s hard, and that these are tough times for all of us, but don’t give up and try, try, try your hardest to keep on smiling.

Jo x

ps: If you’re a couple getting married across the UK and need a little help with your wedding plans, I’d love to hear from you!

You can reach me on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected] or you can book a free, no-obligation wedding consultation here. In the meantime, keep up to date with my wedding planning adventures on Instagram!



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