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So you want to be a wedding planner?

Are you considering booking some wedding planner training? If so, today’s blog will be the perfect read for you!

As an award-winning UK Wedding Planner, I’m regularly asked how I began my career as a wedding planner. So, today, I’d love to share some top tips for those looking to break into the wedding industry.

  1. Undertake some wedding planner training

Firstly, it’s important to get some professional training so that you understand the theory behind the practice. A very successful training programme is offered by Planning Redefined – headed up by two very successful wedding planners, this is also a great way to not only understand the theory but real-life examples of the challenges you face as a wedding planner.

Be warned, many ex wedding planners now work in the wedding training industry and not all wedding planner training programmes are equal! If you’re thinking of undertaking some wedding planning training with a different source to those listed above, do ensure you check the credentials of the individuals leading the training programme and ensure they have the necessary skills and experience to teach you what you need to know.

We also offer a 1 2 1 mentoring programme for wedding planners, perfect for those who are hoping to plan incredible dry-hire weddings. Find out more below.

2.Research the duties of a wedding planner

Absorb everything! From looking at wedding planning blogs (like this one!) and wedding planning websites, through to chatting with UK wedding planners about their experience in the industry, you need to learn as much as you can about the different approaches and styles available in the modern UK wedding marketplace.

3. Wedding Planning practice makes perfect

So you’ve completed your training and you’re raring to go! Whilst I know you’re very keen to get cracking with your wedding planning business, it’s so important you get some real-life experience. Approach reputable wedding planners throughout the UK and ask if you can shadow them at a wedding so that you can see how the theory translates into real life. Honestly, the theory is important, but there’s nothing greater than learning on the job so that you can truly grasp how challenging managing a wedding can be!

4. Step by step wedding planning

Once you’ve completed your wedding planner training and have gained some practical experience alongside a professional wedding planner or two, now’s the time to get cracking! Draft the content for your website (and PLEASE, make sure this isn’t a copy and paste from another wedding planners website – this is the quickest way to make yourself VERY unpopular and potentially face legal action!) and if you need some beautiful imagery, consider curating a styled shoot.

Once your website is up and running, go forth and multiply! Make the wedding industry proud and reach out to fellow wedding planners for help and advice where needed. Good luck!

If you’d like to find out more about my 1 2 1 wedding planner mentoring programme, I’d love to hear from you! Why not drop me a line at [email protected] to schedule a free discovery call.

You can reach me on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected] or book a wedding consultation here. In the meantime, keep up to date with my wedding planning adventures on Instagram!



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