Five reasons why hiring a wedding organiser could be a good idea! 

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Let’s be honest here; I know that hiring a wedding Organiser isn’t the right choice for everybody and that many brides and grooms are happy planning their wedding. Still, for my clients that hire me to organise and plan their wedding, there tends to be a few common reasons that make this the right choice for them.

So, whether you’re recently engaged and starting to think about planning your wedding, or your wedding plans are already underway, here are the main reasons why hiring a wedding organiser could be the best decision you make!

Hiring a wedding Organiser reason 1 – Time

Most of my clients are busy people who are either in demanding professional roles or are managing busy lifestyles at home. Wedding planning is really time-consuming (it takes at least 250+ hours to plan a wedding, and even more if planning a marquee wedding, tipi wedding or any dry-hire wedding). For most people, that’s a lot of additional time to find alongside everyday life.

Hiring a wedding organiser reason 2 – Effort

Again, most of my couples are honest in that whilst they want to plan a wow-factor wedding, they don’t have time to conduct research, keep an on the latest wedding trends or spend hours and hours conducting research. Hiring a wedding planner means your efforts are focused on making critical decisions rather than undertaking the bulk of hard work in the background.

 Hiring a wedding organiser reason 3: You don’t live near your venue.

As a multi-award-winning wedding planner based in Norwich, I plan and style weddings for couples getting married in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex, and further afield from time to time. Whilst many of my couples are UK based, they don’t live near their wedding venue, which means knowledge about which wedding suppliers to hire and local amenities is low. Hiring a local wedding planner means you’ll have access to their little black book of contacts, and they will represent you locally where needed.

 Hiring a wedding organiser reason 4 – your wedding plans have stalled

.So, you started your wedding planning journey with the very best of intentions, but having booked the venue and perhaps a couple of key suppliers, your plans have now stalled. Hiring a wedding planner can reinvigorate your experience, and as they’ll undertake the bulk of the hard work on your behalf, you can relax and enjoy the experience! My partial wedding planning service is the perfect option if you think you’d benefit from working with an expert wedding planner at a later stage.

 Hiring a wedding organiser reason 5 – you’ve lost enthusiasm.

In many cases, couples not only lose their enthusiasm for wedding planning but also face a rising wall of panic when they think about their wedding day. From wondering how the plans will come together on the day and being worried about how your wedding will look through to navigating family politics and drama, hiring a wedding planner could allow you to share the load and have an objective, dedicated, expert cheerleader, on your side.

 Of course, there are many reasons why hiring a wedding organiser at any stage of your wedding planning journey is a good idea. In a nutshell, if you’re strapped for time, energy, or feeling overwhelmed, why not explore this option? It’s worth mentioning that hiring a wedding planner isn’t just for the rich and famous. In fact, at One Curious Dream, I offer affordable monthly payment plans as well, so you can get the professional wedding planning support you need when you need it the most!

If you’re interested in hiring a Norfolk Wedding Organiser, please don’t hesitate to get in contact! As a multi-award-winning Norwich wedding planner, I work with couples getting married in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and beyond. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional wedding planner, I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me at or 0800 772 0765.

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