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Wedding Budget I Avoiding Unexpected Costs

If you’re looking to ensure your wedding budget stretches as far possible, than today’s blog will be the perfect read for you!

As a multi-award-winning wedding planner working across the UK, it’s my job to help my wedding planning clients get married within their wedding budget! Let’s face it, getting married is expensive, and if not properly managed, wedding budgets can rapidly spiral out of control!

Whether you’re just getting your wedding plans underway or your big day is rapidly approaching, the chances are you have some sort of fantastic, colour coded, all-singing, all-dancing spreadsheet or software to help you keep track of your wedding budget.

However, be warned – whilst most couples will account for the apparent wedding costs, there can often be unexpected wedding bills that crop up that you may not have considered. Of course, if you’re working with a wedding planner, they’ll be helping you to stay on track financially, but if you’re flying solo and happy to tackle your wedding plans directly, here are a couple of tips to help you stay within budget to consider.

Wedding Stationery
Always make sure you know exactly what you are getting! Whilst many wedding stationers will base their price per invitation / save the date/table number etc., it’s really easy for unexpected costs to rack up. Always ask, for example, whether your invitations come with an envelope – not a considerable expense, granted, but for many couples working with a tight wedding budget, finding a bespoke envelope that matches your invite can increase costs quickly.

Also, think about sending your save the dates and wedding invitations – electronic invitations will come with a minimal price tag. Still, if you’re sending via Royal Mail, you’ll need to account for postage costs.

Wedding Suppliers
If your heart is set on an 8 piece jazz band from Cornwall performing at your wedding in Norfolk, keep in mind that mileage and often hotel expenses may apply. Always check what the rates for travel are with any wedding supplier that you use – most offer a complimentary number of miles, but after that, it all comes out of your wedding budget and again, the costs can rack up very quickly. If you can, always work with wedding suppliers close to your wedding venue to save unnecessary expense.

The wedding venue
Many wedding venues will offer a fixed price package or a price per person, but again, keep in mind that additional costs may apply. For example, if you would like to extend the party and have a late licence, additional charges will be added to your wedding bill.

It’s essential to know precisely what is included in any wedding package you book. For example, will the wedding breakfast area be pre-dressed with centrepieces and place names, or do you need to account for these costs in addition to the overall package price?

Wedding Catering
One of the essential parts of any wedding day but usually one of the most expensive! Again, always be sure about what you will receive with any wedding catering package that you book – many wedding venues will offer a set menu and drinks package. Still, you may well incur costs to alter their standard offering to something more bespoke.

Plenty of places will allow you to take your own alcohol, but only on the basis that a corkage charge will be applied. If this is the case with your wedding venue, make sure you understand the pricing structure, as sometimes, the corkage charges can be higher than buying your booze from the venue.

Also, consider other ways to keep these costs down – having a hog roast, bbq, or even a street food pizza truck is likely to be more cost-effective than a 3-course wedding breakfast, and it’s usually much more relaxed too!

If you’re getting married and would like to explore how a Wedding Planner can help you stay on track with your wedding budget, why not get in touch? I’d love to hear from you!

You can reach me at [email protected] or 0800 772 0765 or book a free wedding consultation here.

As an elite member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, I adhere to a strict code of conduct and do not accept referral or commission fees from wedding suppliers or wedding venues.



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