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What do wedding planners do?

As a multi-award-winning UK Wedding Planners, I know that the wedding planning industry is often shrouded in mystery and many misconceptions! For example, many still believe that wedding planners are only hired by the rich and famous and are an expensive luxury for the elite – not true!

My wedding planning clients tend to be busy professionals, couples who have a demanding home life with very little time or couples based overseas who need a local presence to help them plan their weddings.

My couples appreciate the time, challenges and complexity of planning an incredible wedding so turn to a professional wedding planner to ensure the wedding planning process is stress-free!

What do wedding planners do?

In essence, my role is to professionally plan, beautifully design and expertly deliver the wedding from my clients’ wildest dreams. I provide creative, practical and logistical wedding planning advice and support. While it’s impossible to list every task that I undertake for my wedding planning clients, here are some of the key areas that I am likely to cover when planning a wedding.

The wedding planners packages

My first task when working with a new wedding planning client is to conduct a full wedding consultation. I’ll take the time to get to know you, chat through the initial ideas you have for your wedding and establish your key criteria such as your budget, guest numbers and the general overview of what you are aiming to achieve with your wedding.

1. Sourcing your UK wedding venue

From there, my first stop is to source your perfect wedding venue. Whether you’re hoping to host a beautifully relaxed tipi wedding, an elegant country garden marquee wedding, a rustic barn wedding or even fancy spreading your celebrations across two or three days and having a weekend wedding, I’ll help you find the perfect wedding venue to get hitched in style!

Firstly, tapping into my portfolio of wedding venues across the UK, I’ll produce a shortlist of appropriate options that fit your criteria, and from there, I’ll arrange venue viewings for you to go and take a look at the spaces in person. Once the venue is booked, we then move on to supplier sourcing.

2. Sourcing your UK wedding suppliers

Next, I move on to sourcing your wedding suppliers. As a multi-award-winning wedding event planners, I have a little black book full of trusted wedding suppliers who want to help bring your perfect wedding to life. Once we’ve established the key criteria for each element of your wedding, I’ll reach out to my network of wedding suppliers, source detailed quotations, review the contracts and ensure we have the very best wedding businesses on board to help us create your wedding.

3. Wedding design and styling

Once your venue and suppliers have been secured, we move into the design and wedding styling stage. This is where we think about all of the special touches that will truly personalise your wedding and where we bring your wedding Pinterest board to life!

Once we’ve got a beautiful design in place, we source your creative team of wedding professionals, such as lighting specialists and prop hire companies, to help bring the design to life.

4. Wedding timeline and logistics

Next, we move into the logistics phase. As well as drafting a comprehensive briefing for your venue and suppliers to work from, I’ll be liaising with your UK wedding suppliers regularly throughout the planning process to keep them briefed on progress and any changes.

I’ll also be pulling the finer details together for any wedding guests who need assistance. Lots of my wedding planning couples are based overseas, which often means I have lots of international guests who require assistance with transport and accommodation – I can help with these arrangements.

5. Wedding Coordination

Finally, the wedding itself! My job is to ensure that all of the plans we have made together are delivered correctly across your wedding. I’ll be at your venue to lead your supplier team, help your guests, ensure the wedding is flowing correctly and of course, step in to manage anything unforeseen that occurs discretely.

I’ll take care of the details big and small, from lighting the candles on your tables to ensuring your DJ and band are set up correctly. I’m usually with you early on the day and leave after evening food has been served, leaving you to party the night away!

Many of my clients choose to plan weekend weddings, so this means I’ll be back bright and early the next day to manage your event, whether this is a post-wedding brunch or BBQ or something more formal, I’m there to ensure everything runs smoothly!

If you’re currently reviewing UK Wedding Planners, I’d love to chat through the plans for your wedding. You can reach me on 0800 772 0765, [email protected] or book a wedding consultation here.

In the meantime, keep up to date with my wedding planning adventures on Instagram!



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