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Five top tips for approaching a wedding business!

If you’re about to embark on your wedding planning journey, one of your first tasks (after determining your guest list and provisional wedding budget!) will be sourcing your wedding suppliers. 

As a multi-award-winning UK wedding planner,  part of my role is to recommend trusted wedding businesses and amazing wedding suppliers from my little black book of trusted, local wedding vendors.

Still, if you’re flying solo and aren’t working with a wedding planner, you’ll need to find and approach potential wedding businesses directly. So, on today’s wedding blog, I want to share my top tips on approaching potential wedding businesses

1. Do your wedding business research.

Before enquiring about a wedding supplier’s availability, take a good look at their website, which may contain some of the info you need. For example, lots of wedding suppliers will add pricing and package information to their website, so this can quickly help you determine if they can fit with your wedding budget.

2. Provide critical wedding information to the wedding business

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m ALWAYS asking potential clients to complete the wedding consultation form on my website. Why? Simply because it has all of the information I need to check if I can work with you. At the very least, share the date and location (venue name is perfect) with the potential wedding supplier to quickly confirm their availability. 

3. Don’t be afraid to search for wedding businesses that are further afield.

I’d always rather use local suppliers on each wedding I plan and design as a wedding planner. However, most wedding suppliers (including me!) will be happy to travel, so don’t be afraid to look further afield or make an enquiry with an out of town supplier if somebody else has caught your eye! You may need to factor in travel and/or accommodation costs into your wedding budget, so do prepare for this.

4. Remember that wedding suppliers are human!

When a wedding planning enquiry drops into my inbox, I honestly do a little happy dance – the same for your suppliers! The wedding industry is full of independent, sole trades businesses and one-man bands; we’re not big corporations! So treat us like an old friend, tell us why you’ve chosen to enquire, and we’ll move mountains to work with you. As a tip, don’t send blanket emails; be personal and don’t be afraid to say what has attracted you to that supplier!

5. Don’t ghost wedding businesses!
Look, we get it! As a wedding business owner, I know that you will likely be talking to other wedding planners, the same for your other wedding suppliers. The truth is that we might not be the right supplier for you for a variety of reasons – all we ask is that you let us know once you’ve decided so that we can remove the provisional pencil mark in our diary! We want you to have a fantastic wedding, and that means you having the very best team of wedding businesses around you to help bring your wedding day to life!

If you’d like to chat about the plans for your wedding, I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected] or book a free, no-obligation wedding planning consultation here.

As an award-winning wedding planner, I plan amazing weddings across the UK. As a truly independent wedding planner, I am not tied to using particular venues or suppliers, which means you get to pick from the best of the best! I don’t accept commission or referral fees from wedding venues or suppliers either, so you can always be sure that my recommendations are made with your very best interests at heart.



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