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Planning a small wedding – top tips to get you started!

If you’re thinking of planning a small wedding, also known as a micro wedding, or hiring a small wedding planner, this blog will be a perfect read!

There’s no doubt that small weddings, also known as micro weddings, have risen dramatically in popularity across the last year.  Whilst restrictions had prevented larger weddings from going ahead across the last 19 months, lots of couples have been happy to plan a more intimate wedding to get married in style!

Finding a Small wedding planner expert

As one of the top wedding planners in the UK, the weddings I plan and design range from huge, extravagant weekend wedding affairs through to smaller, more intimate weddings which are equally as fabulous! It’s important to say that just because you cut your guest numbers, it doesn’t mean a smaller wedding had to be any less amazing! In fact, many couples are planning micro weddings for the future, even when restrictions are expected to have lifted, so it certainly doesn’t need to feel like a compromise.

So, what is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding in simple terms means a reduction in your guestlist, it really is that simple! A micro wedding will generally have around 15 guests and isn’t to be confused with an elopement which is usually just the couple, their witnesses and celebrant. Couples planning a micro wedding may not keep all of the traditional features of a wedding, for example, a cake cut, first dance or bouquet toss and one of the joys of this style of wedding is you can easily shed traditions.

How you choose to plan a micro wedding is entirely up to you, but many couples choose a micro wedding so that they can host a beautifully relaxed celebration. However, don’t let this fool you! In fact, a smaller wedding can still feel substantial and lavish if that’s what you’re aiming to achieve!

What are the benefits of planning a small wedding?

One of the key benefits when planning a micro wedding is the potential wedding budget savings. Planning a smaller wedding with a lower guest count will naturally decrease the funds required to produce your wedding, mainly as many venues and suppliers will charge on a per-person basis.

Many One Curious Dream couples have chosen to host smaller, micro weddings but still wish to create a luxurious, quality experience for their wedding guests.

For example, one of our 2019 couples hosted an incredible celebration for just 16 guests in a beautiful house on the North Norfolk coast. Rather than opting for a traditional 3-course wedding breakfast, this couple chose a 10-course tasting menu with locally sourced, luxury produce and fine wines to spoil their wedding guests!

Of course, you don’t have to choose a wedding breakfast (or any element of your wedding!) that’s quite this lavish, but having a lower wedding guest count will certainly open up more options.

It may come as a surprise that there are many wedding venues across the UK who are able to host a micro wedding. Of course, there also other options, such as hiring an amazing country house or air b’n’b to host your micro wedding. As a specialist dry-hire wedding planner, I can help you build this style of wedding from scratch so that every single element works perfectly for you.

Planning a small wedding

Planning a micro wedding can feel much more relaxed than planning a large wedding. Having let go of some of the traditional wedding elements, you can focus your attention on the aspects of your wedding, which are most important to you both, rather than just ‘ticking the boxes’. It generally means the wedding planning process is more relaxed and that you can enjoy planning your wedding! Of course, hiring a wedding planner with specialist experience in micro weddings will undoubtedly help ease any wedding planning worries!

Why a small wedding might be right for you!

A common concern from couples planning a larger wedding is that they won’t get as much time with each wedding guest as they are hoping – not good! There are essentially two ways to combat this – the first is to go bigger and plan an extended wedding celebration (our weekend wedding planning service is perfect for this), or, go smaller and plan a micro wedding. By hosting a micro wedding with a lower guest count, you’ll undoubtedly have more time to spend with your nearest and dearest

Hire a small wedding planner!

If you still want to plan an incredible wedding just on a smaller scale, hiring a specialist small wedding planner (like yours truly!) will ensure you enjoy your wedding planning journey!

Please do explore my micro wedding planning service in more detail to find out if this style of wedding could work for you. In the meantime, if you’re thinking of planning a smaller wedding or are interested in hiring a micro wedding planner I’d love to hear from you!

You can reach me on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected] or you can book a complimentary, no-obligation wedding consultation here. In the meantime, you can keep up with all of my adventures and wedding planning work on Instagram.



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