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Planning a marquee wedding?

Planning a marquee wedding?

For couples who are looking to host a marquee wedding (and you’re on the hunt for a marquee wedding planner), today’s post is definitely one for you to read, so grab a quick coffee or save this post for later.

It goes without saying, we love nothing more than an elegant marquee celebration and believe that they offer our couples the chance to really let their imaginations run wild. However, you may have heard rumours that a marquee wedding is actually easier to plan, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding at home, on private hired land or within the grounds of a venue, we’re going to equip you with all the tools and advice you need.

Souring Suppliers for your Marquee Wedding

First things first, you’ll need to find an ideal location to host your marquee wedding, not to mention a selection of suppliers who can bring your visions to life. This already-lengthy list would usually include photographer, caterer, florist etc, but you’ll also need to include tents, generators, lighting etc if you’re choosing to celebrate alfresco-style.

Consider the Practicalities of a Marquee Wedding

There is a huge amount to think about when it comes to planning a marquee wedding. Can your suppliers access the site easily? Is there enough parking for all your guests? Is there access to a power source? Is there running water for your caterers?

…And that’s just the beginning! Take the time to sit down and work out what a typical wedding venue would provide for you, and how you’ll manage these elements with a marquee wedding. While it may not be the simplest of tasks, it is possible if you’re organised.

Styling your Marquee Reception

 Marquees are brilliant because they really do offer a blank canvas setting for you to style as you wish. You’ll have the opportunity to get utterly creative, including considering how to decorate the ceiling and beams of your marquee. A talented florist and lighting expert will be able to offer plenty of expertise, but head over to our Instagram to see some of our love stories in action.

Hiring a Marquee Wedding Planner

I’ve worked with couples across the UK who have begun planning a marquee wedding and fallen at the first hurdle. Handing over the reins means you can actually enjoy the planning process. There’s plenty of time-consuming (and often stressful) work involved in creating a large-scale celebration. Consider the fact that you’re essentially building your wedding day from scratch – including toilets, logistics, security and four walls.

Handling Marquee Wedding Hiccups

While the chances of something going wrong at your UK marquee wedding are low, there is still a possibility of a few hiccups here and there. Picture the scene: you’re about to perform the first dance and the power goes out. Hiring One Curious Dream means any eventuality will be discreetly taken care of – and trust us, we’ve seen them all.

There is something so special about having the chance to craft your very own wedding day, just as you’ve always wanted it, without the worry of restrictions or limitations.

Marquee weddings really are one-of-a-kind and I can’t imagine a more magical way of celebrating with your friends and family. If you’d like to enquire about my planning services for your outdoor celebration, please do drop me an email at [email protected] – I can’t wait to hear from you!

As an award-winning wedding planner, I work with couples across the globe to professionally plan, beautifully style and expertly design wow-factor weddings throughout the UK.







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