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Planning a child-free wedding? Here’s how to do it!

Planning a wedding involves making countless decisions, including the guest list. While it can be a sensitive topic, some couples may choose to have an adults-only celebration. There are various reasons for this decision, such as budget constraints, the desire for a more formal atmosphere, or the need to keep the event intimate. 

Communicating this choice effectively and respectfully is essential to avoid any misunderstandings or hurt feelings. In this article, we will provide guidance on how to say that no children are invited to your wedding, ensuring a smooth and respectful wedding planning process.

Establish Your Decision: 

Before announcing your preference for an adults-only wedding, discuss the matter with your partner and agree on your decision. Consider your reasons for this choice and ensure both of you are on the same page. This unified front will help you communicate your message confidently and consistently.

Be Clear on Invitations: 

When designing and sending out your wedding invitations, it is crucial to be explicit about the guest list. Address the invitation exclusively to the adults invited by using the names of the individuals on the envelope. By omitting children’s names, you convey that they are not included in the invitation.

Personalize Your Message: 

While you can include a note in the invitation, it is best to have a more personalized approach. Reach out to your close family and friends directly and explain your decision in a thoughtful manner. Emphasize that you value their presence and want them to enjoy the event fully, which is why you have chosen an adults-only celebration.

Provide Ample Notice: 

To allow guests with children to make necessary arrangements, provide ample notice about your decision. Send out save-the-date cards well in advance, preferably six to eight months before the wedding. This way, parents have plenty of time to arrange for childcare or make travel arrangements if necessary.

Suggest Childcare Alternatives: 

While explaining your preference for an adults-only wedding, it is considerate to offer alternative solutions for guests with children. Provide information about local babysitting services, nearby hotels with childcare facilities, or trusted family members who could help look after the children during the event. This gesture shows your thoughtfulness and concern for your guests’ needs.

Stay Consistent: 

Maintain consistency in your decision by ensuring there are no exceptions or last-minute changes. If you make an exception for one guest, it may create confusion or resentment among others. Remain firm but empathetic in your communication to uphold the integrity of your initial decision.

Respond Gracefully: 

There may be instances where some guests overlook or misinterpret your request. If someone includes their children on the RSVP card or contacts you directly asking about bringing their kids, respond politely and reiterate your desire for an adults-only celebration. Offer a sincere explanation for your decision and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Address Potential Concerns: 

Some guests may have genuine concerns about attending the wedding without their children. It is important to address these concerns with empathy. Offer reassurance that their children will be in good hands and suggest ways they can make the most of their time away from their little ones. Understanding their concerns and being supportive can help ease any apprehension.


Planning an adults-only wedding is a personal choice that requires clear and respectful communication. By establishing your decision, providing ample notice, and offering alternative childcare options, you can effectively communicate that no children are invited to your wedding. Remember to respond gracefully to any inquiries or concerns, and remain consistent in your decision throughout the planning process. Ultimately, with thoughtful communication, you can ensure that your special day is celebrated in the manner you desire while maintaining strong relationships with your loved ones.


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