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Why you should plan a winter wedding!

If you’re thinking about planning a winter wedding, then today’s blog from multi-award-winning UK Wedding Planner Jo Pyman at One Curious Dream will be the perfect read for you!

While the summer months host the traditional wedding season, more couples are choosing to have their special day in Autumn or Winter. Winter weddings can be magical, and as an award-winning wedding planner, I have planned some beautiful winter weddings! Take a look below at my ten reasons why you should plan a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Venue Options

First, and perhaps most importantly, if you are planning a wedding on a budget, winter is a great time to tie the knot. Stunning wedding venues in summer are often double the cost than they are during the winter season due to high demand. Additionally, as fewer venues are booked up in winter, you will have more choice and flexibility.

Cheaper Travel and Accommodation

As the summer is peak wedding season, hotel rooms at wedding venues are generally at their highest. Additionally, as many are travelling during their summer holidays, flights or hiring a car can also be expensive. Getting married in winter allows your wedding guests to get to your wedding for a lower cost, making it more accessible from them.

Winter Wedding Fashion Choices

The number of insta-worthy long-sleeved bridal gowns I have seen over the past few years has increased dramatically. Getting married in winter gives you more options when it comes to your wedding clothing choices as you can wear gowns that would be impractical for the summer season. If you choose a dress with short or no sleeves, there are also a number of different fashion options, such as faux fur boleros or detachable sleeves.

Black Tie Events

If your dream wedding is a black-tie event, then winter is the perfect season. Tuxedos are not great for summer ceremonies but keep men warm during winter. Women can wear dresses embellished with sequins or in rich jewel tones to fit in perfectly with the season.

Darker Evenings

As the sun sets faster in the winter, your evening party can begin sooner, giving you more time to celebrate. You can use lighting to decorate your wedding venue beautifully with fairy lights or lanterns or even use fireworks to brighten up the night sky. Additionally, outdoor cracking fires allow you to host guests both inside and outside.

The Best Lighting

And with the darker evenings comes an earlier sunset, which promises that stunning golden hour lighting that has been so popular with influencers and photographers alike. Additionally, the light in general during winter is softer and more flattering, so your photographs will be stunning.

Easier for Wedding Guests

Between going on their summer holidays to spend time with their family and attending other weddings, the summer season is packed, meaning that some of the guests that you invite are unlikely to attend your wedding. Hosting a wedding in winter, however, means that the date will fall during a quieter period. This will allow you to have everyone present that you want to spend your special day.

Tropical Honeymoon Getaways

As most tropical destinations that are perfect for honeymoons are close to the equator, your honeymoon will not be affected by the time of year that you decide to get married. Even better, you will be escaping a cooler climate for a glorious one that makes it all the more magical.

Winter Wedding Food and Drink

There is nothing better than rich, comforting food in the cooler temperatures, and a winter wedding is a perfect event to serve some sublime food and drink.

Your wedding planner and venue will be able to provide advice on suitable dishes, but consider warming food and drink such as whiskey, soup, sticky toffee pudding, hot chocolate with marshmallows and mulled wine. Your guests will thank you.

Less Humidity

And finally, but not to be forgotten, a winter wedding brings with it cooler weather. Particularly in warmer climates, summer weddings can be stressful as you try to avoid sweat marks, frizzy hair, and melted makeup. Winter weddings provide you with relief from these worries, knowing that you will stay looking flawless all day.

As an award-winning wedding planner, I plan amazing weddings across the UK. Based in London and Norwich, I’m an independent wedding planner and do not accept commission or referral fees from wedding venues or suppliers.

If you’re thinking of hiring a wedding planner or are hoping to plan a winter wedding, why not get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation? I‘d love to hear from you!

You can reach me on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected] or book a wedding consultation here. In the meantime, why not follow me on Instagram to keep up with my latest adventures!



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