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If you’re thinking of planning a micro wedding, then today’s blog will be the perfect read for you!

In the current climate, lots of couples are choosing planner a smaller wedding which is a little more intimate and much smaller in size. At One Curious Dream, we class a micro wedding as a celebration where you host less than 15 guests, though do be aware, this number can vary throughout the wedding industry.

If you fancy planning a micro wedding, or are switching up your existing wedding plans, then here are our top tips to help you get your micro wedding plans underway.

Define the wedding guestlist

This one is incredibly important. It’s safe to say that having a smaller micro wedding isn’t the right option for all couples who are planning a wedding. So, the starting point is to create your guest list and check that you have under 15 guests to begin with.

When you’re creating your wedding guest list, it’s important to include everybody who is a must-attend guest. If once you’ve compiled your initial guest list, you have more then 15 guests, a micro wedding might not be quite the right fit for you and this may well alter the direction your initial wedding plans take. If, however, you can comfortably say that your guest list is a little smaller, than a micro wedding seems like the perfect choice for you!

Establish your wedding priorities

It’s quite possible that if you’re planning a micro wedding, you may we have a smaller budget to work with. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to prioritise the key elements that are important to both of you. Lots of couples choose to lose many of the traditions surrounding a larger wedding, so this may mean that your wedding budget can be more focused on your priority areas.

Start by discussing and then writing a list of the five key things that are non-negotiable – for example, enjoying fantastic food, being able to accommodate all of your guests at the wedding venue or even having the most amazing live band could all be essential aspects.

Choose your Micro Wedding Venue

Exercise caution here! Many traditional wedding venues will confirm that they are happy to host a micro wedding; however, there’s every possibility, depending on the venue size, that you and your guests could look a little lost in the space!

If the wedding venue generally hosts weddings for 100 plus people and you’re planning only to have 15, it’s essential to chat with the wedding venue to find out more about the best use of space. Do ask them how they manage micro weddings and ensure you communicate regularly as you plan your wedding.

Remember also, that even though you’re hosting a smaller micro wedding, you will still want to host your reception at a wedding venue where you create an amazing atmosphere and ambience. There are many incredible wedding venues out there who specialise in more intimate, smaller weddings, so they may well be a good starting point. We’re incredibly spoilt in the East of England with so many local wedding venues offering wedding packages for smaller weddings. Our wedding planners in Norwich have an amazing portfolio of micro wedding venues so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you fancy tapping into our wedding planning knowledge!

Hire a wedding planner!

We’re (obviously) biased with this one, BUT, even if you are planning a smaller wedding, a wedding planner is still going to ensure you have a stress-free planning experience! Not only will we help you find your dream micro wedding venue, but we’ll also assemble a dream team of suppliers to help bring your vision to life, all whilst saving you time, worry and money!

The truth is, a top wedding planner will have a ton of experience of creating beautifully intimate weddings and will share their knowledge and experience to plan the wedding from your wildest dreams!

If you’d like to chat through the plans for your micro wedding in London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge or Essex, we’d love to hear from you!

You can reach us on 0800 772 0765 or hello@onecuriousdream.com or you can book a free, no-obligation wedding consultation here.

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