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Hiring a Norfolk Wedding Videographer – Guest Blog with Mike Savory Films

Norfolk Wedding Videographer, the wonderful Mike Savory Films, talks to us today about why you should consider hiring a wedding videographer to capture your wedding day. Over to Mike!

“So, why should you consider booking a Norfolk wedding videographer? Well in a recent survey the top thing that couple’s regretted not booking was, you’ve guessed it, a wedding videographer!  On top of that of all the couples who booked a wedding videographer, 25% also wished they had budgeted more for one.

Having a good quality wedding photographer is important and will bring you some great images for your wall, maybe an album and you can see some great moments from your big day.  What a great wedding videographer can do for you is bring all those moments back to life.  Wedding Films today are nothing like what they were in the past, no longer will your friends and family have to sit through a 3 hours documentary that just shows the whole day.  Creating a great wedding film is an art and a profession.  As with everything, there are different quality videographers and different prices on the market, but hiring an awesome wedding videographer will give you something special that will last the test of time!

How do I choose a Wedding Videographer?

The first thing I would say is to do some shopping around.  Look at several local videographers websites and spend time watching the example films on their website.  When watching the films watch out for things like colours, music, the clarity of the film and if it gives you the feels!  I often have people say to me that they find themselves crying when they watch some films if this is happening when you see some specific wedding films it’s fair to say you have probably made a connection with the filmmaker’s style.  Check out online reviews, are the company reputable, experienced and respected?

When you are booking a wedding videographer you are going to be spending most of your wedding day with them.  It is really important that you book someone you feel a connection with.  When going through their website try and gauge their personality, do they come across as someone that is going to add to your big day?  If you really want to check you have a connection with them then it is worth asking to meet them or a video consultation.  Ask them questions Do you like them? Do you get along with them?  Do they know what they are talking about? 

What equipment does a wedding videographer use?

The next thing to take into consideration is the equipment that the videographer will be using.  Time has moved on a long way since the days of big shoulder-mounted video cameras with most wedding videographers now opting for a mirrorless camera, these are pretty small, often around the same size as your photographer.  This can also go a long way to helping you feel relaxed on your wedding day, also these small cameras pack a big punch in image quality.

How much does a wedding videographer cost?

Wedding Videography is one of those things that you get what you pay for.  As I said before, you will find various companies and individuals providing wedding videos at different prices so you should be able to find someone to fit any budget.  Always check if your videographer is insured and how they handle the legalities such as music licensing.

In short, I would always recommend to couples, think about a videographer when you allocate your wedding budget.  Good videographers will often be booked up as early as your photographer so if you know you want one, make sure it is one of the first things you book.  Book someone whose work you connect with, who you know you can get along with and will be relaxed around.  Find a professional company with good experience and reputation to match.  Then get ready to relive your wedding day over and over again!

If you are getting married in the UK and fancy finding out more about my wedding planning services, you can reach me on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

I am a multi-award-winning UK wedding planner who works with amazing couples across the globe to plan and design amazing weddings across the UK.



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