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Wedding postponement advice

If you’re currently considering wedding planners in Norfolk to help plan your wedding across the UK, why not sign up to receive the regular wedding blog from Jo Pyman. Jo is a multi-award-winning wedding planner who plans weddings across the UK. Today, she’s sharing wedding planning advice to help you consider whether you should postpone your wedding plans.

Wedding postponement advice isn’t the happiest topic I would ever wish to write a wedding blog about. However, in the current climate, as a leading wedding planner, I feel it’s important to explore what postponing your wedding might mean, and when is the right time to do this.

Usually, at One Curious Dream, I’m working hard to put months, if not years of wedding planning work into action across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex. Every single weekend I’m on-site to deliver the most incredible weddings for my wedding planning couples, so to have reached this point, without a single wedding this year, feels a bit strange and sad, to say the least.

Regular readers of the Weddings by One Curious Dream blog will have already seen lots of helpful wedding tips and wedding planning advice on what to do if you’re considering postponing your wedding. We’ve also looked at how you can switch your plans and create a micro wedding if you’re keen to get married in a more intimate way.

Today, I want to tackle one of the hardest parts of the wedding postponement process, and that’s to look at when you should consider postponing your wedding.

The Norfolk Wedding Planner – Tip 1

The first point to note here is that there’s never going to be a perfect time to make this difficult decision, let’s face it, deciding to postpone your wedding sucks, no matter when you choose to do it. However, if you can hold onto the belief that your wedding WILL happen and it WILL be amazing, even if it takes a slightly different shape to the wedding you’d planned, it will make the decision easier. Here are three things to consider when deciding whether or not to postpone your wedding.

The Norfolk Wedding Planner – Tip 2: What is the legal position?

So the first point to consider is whether your wedding can legally proceed with your wedding. At the time of writing, wedding ceremonies for up to 30 people can proceed; however, wedding receptions are banned. If your wedding day is booked before the 15th August, you will have the choice of continuing with your ceremony but will not be able to have a reception afterwards.

If your wedding is booked across the next few weeks, now is the time to consider a wedding postponement seriously. As it stands, we’re unsure of what measures will be relaxed in respect of weddings when the government makes its next announcement. However, it’s doubtful that large numbers of people will be allowed in close contact at a wedding venue or a private space, for example, if you’re hosting a marquee or tipi wedding at your family home.

The Norfolk Wedding Planner – Tip 3: What is your wedding vision?

There is, of course, a possibility that smaller wedding receptions will be allowed to proceed in the near future. Still, if you have always imagined hosting a wedding surrounded by all of your friends and family, it’s worth considering a wedding postponement. Similarly, if you’re finding it hard to contemplate your wedding guests wearing masks and having social distancing measures in place, now might not be the right time for you to proceed with your original wedding plans.

Having said that, many couples really do just want to get married. In fact, lots of couples have decided to settle for something much smaller and intimate (check our out blog series on planning a micro wedding for now and will host a big wedding party next year. Don’t forget; you can also hire a wedding celebrant who can conduct a blessing or humanist ceremony for you at a later stage so that your wedding guests can still help you get married in style.

The Norfolk Wedding Planner – Tip 4: Take advice

Hopefully, you will have already been in close contact with your wedding venue and wedding suppliers to discuss the contingency plans should you need to postpone your wedding. It’s crucial that if you’re thinking of postponing your wedding that you keep the lines of communication open with both your wedding venue and wedding suppliers – don’t be afraid to ask for their advice and input.

Don’t forget that some wedding venues and wedding suppliers are unable to supply their services under current guidance. For example, makeup artists cannot provide any form of wedding makeup, so again, getting married without your dream team in place may be a bridge too far.

Of course, if you’re working with a Norwich wedding planner, they’ll have already been contingency planning for you in the background and will certainly be able to make the postponement process smooth for you. They will likely have already spoken with your wedding venue and wedding suppliers, and they’ll be able to give you an objective, impartial opinion on when might be the right time to decide on postponing your wedding.

If you’re scheduled to get married across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge or Essex and would like to chat through your wedding plans with an experienced, multi-award-winning Norfolk wedding planner, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me on [email protected] or 0800 772 0765.

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