Planning a micro wedding – part 1

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It’s no surprise that in the current climate, lots of couples are choosing to plan a micro wedding. This small, yet perfectly formed small wedding is perfect for couples who are happy to plan a beautifully intimate wedding with less than 15 guests, to work in line with current government guidance for weddings.

More people are planning a micro wedding!

At One Curious Dream, our wedding planning team have seen an influx in couples who wish to plan a micro wedding now followed by a much larger wedding reception at a later stage and honestly, this feels like the best of both worlds at the moment. We know that so many couples have had their original wedding celebrations impacted this year and many now just want to be married and not wait until things settle down, and we totally understand this. The good news is whether you want to host a micro wedding now and party with a larger wedding reception later, or you simply want to plan a micro wedding and then begin married life together, we can help with both! Pop over to our micro wedding page for all the details!

Is a micro wedding cheaper?

We’ve been running a blog series all about planning a smaller wedding, and we’ve already shared a couple of the major benefits of planning this style of wedding. Firstly there are potential cost-saving benefits which will positively impact your wedding budget. Secondly, the wedding planning stages are likely to be more enjoyable and thirdly that you’ll get to spend more time with your guests on your wedding day.

A micro wedding offers flexibility

Did you also know that planning a micro wedding means you’re likely to have much more freedom with how you personalise your day? At One Curious Dream, our team of wedding planners always tell our clients that you should plan ‘your day, your way’ and this is just as important when planning a micro wedding, if not, more so!

Unlike a traditional wedding venue, where it’s very likely that you’ll purchase an all-inclusive wedding package which includes the wedding venue hire, the wedding breakfast, a wedding drinks package and often a DJ and wedding venue dressing, planning a micro wedding, particularly in a dry-hire wedding venue, means you can truly design a day that is entirely unique and personal. So, throw out the traditions if you don’t want them as with smaller numbers, there’s often less expectation that your wedding will follow the standard wedding format – hooray to that!

A micro wedding is rule-free!

Secondly, you’ll have complete freedom to determine the timeline and schedule for the wedding day. Again, lots of wedding venues offer a fixed format for the weddings they produce and will advise you to adhere to their strict timings. When planning a micro wedding, you can take your time and relax on the wedding day.

Micro wedding ideas

We’ve seen some beautiful examples of this at One Curious Dream weddings, for instance, post-dinner speeches have taken longer so that other key members of the bridal party or other guests can share a few celebratory words. Unplanned and unscripted, but beautifully sincere and an excellent way to allow other guests to engage with your day. So, cherish that freedom that a micro wedding offers!

We’ve had couples who have chosen to host extended dining celebrations, so rather than a traditional 3-course wedding breakfast, they’ve upped the course to 10+, giving a luxury fine dining feel across a number of hours. What’s not to love?

Later this week, we’ll continue to look at all of the reasons you should consider planning a micro wedding and will share some of the ways in which we can help too!

Hire a micro wedding planner!

In the meantime, if you’re planning a micro wedding and are looking to hire a wedding planner to support you through the process, we’d love to hear from you! We plan and design incredible micro weddings predominantly across London & the East of England (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge & Essex) so please do get in touch to chat through your ideas and find out how we work our magic!

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