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Marquee Wedding Planning – When should you host your marquee wedding?

Marquee weddings offer a unique opportunity to create a beautifully bespoke wedding that perfectly suits your requirements, and, let’s face it, in London & the East of England, we’re truly blessed with some incredible marquee wedding venues!

At One Curious Dream, it’s no secret that I adore planning marquee weddings with my clients! However, I always warn my couples that there are many complexities and challenges which need careful consideration when planning a marquee wedding.

How do you choose the right marquee type?

Selecting a marquee that enables you to remove the side panels, such as a sailcloth marquee, or a marquee with plenty of airflow, such as a stretch marquee will serve you and your guests well. Lots of marquee companies will offer a marquee attendant who will be able to remove panels throughout the day if need be, so this could be a worthwhile investment.

On a scorching day, your wedding planner, wedding coordinator, or a VIP bridesmaid, will need to ensure that your table flowers stay spritzed and fresh and also keep an eye on any candles or tealights which could melt in the heat!

How much does a marquee wedding cost?

Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning that lots of couples expect a marquee wedding to be considerably cheaper than booking a traditional wedding venue – don’t be fooled! Because, whilst planning a marquee wedding allows you the freedom to plan your wedding, your way, you do have a LOT more work to undertake, and as every element needs to be individually sourced or hired, the costs can very quickly rack up.

If you’re hoping to plan a marquee wedding, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t for the faint-hearted. Of course, if you’re thinking of hiring an expert marquee wedding planner, they’ll help you navigate the trickier areas and take care of the logistical challenges.

However, if you’re happy to go it alone and plan a DIY marquee wedding, we’ll be sharing some top tips and wedding planning advice this week to help your marquee wedding planning get off to a great start!

When should you host a marquee wedding?

Firstly, to dispel a widespread myth, it’s entirely possible to hold a marquee wedding all year round. Whilst most of our wedding planning clients prefer to host their marquee wedding in spring or summer, you can make a marquee wedding work in the winter as well. Yes, really! 

However, there are several important factors to be considered before deciding on the right time to host your marquee wedding. If, for example, you wish to host a spring or summer wedding, particularly across July or August, it’s essential to choose a marquee which can survive a heatwave. 

We’ve had lots of hot weather over recent years in the UK, and I must say, we’ve had some scorching days in London and the South East, in particular. Comfort is key when it comes to planning a wedding, so ensuring your guests can relax, rather than sweat buckets, should be high on your priority list!

Can you plan a marquee wedding in winter?

If you’re considering a marquee wedding in Autumn or winter, you’ll need to plan for the opposite challenge! Even in the height of summer, evenings can get chilly, but of course, this will be a concern during the day as well with an Autumn or Winter marquee wedding. You’ll likely need to hire in heating units to keep guests cosy and additional lighting will also be helpful when guests are looking for the loos! There’s every possibility that you might get a rainy day, so having matting walkways outside should be included in your budget as an essential.

Consult a marquee wedding planner

In our next marquee wedding blog post, we’ll be looking at where to host your marquee wedding! In the meantime, if you’re thinking of hosting a beautiful marquee wedding reception, then why not get in touch? You can reach me on 0800 772 0765 or [email protected] or book your free marquee wedding planning consultation here.



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