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If you’re thinking of hiring a professional wedding planner for your London or East of England (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge or Essex) wedding, here’s the perfect blog for you!

We’re pretty straight shooters here at One Curious Dream, so we know that hiring a professional wedding planner is likely to be one of the larger costs you’ll incur when allocating your wedding budget. We’re often asked by potential couples why they should hire us as their wedding planner or choose any wedding planning service in fact, and biased as we may be, there are so many ways that a professional wedding organiser or event planner can help you produce the wedding from your wildest dreams!

In an industry that’s still full of myths and incorrect assumptions, we’re here to tell you why hiring a wedding planner is an amazing investment!

Professional Wedding Planners will guide you through start to finish
Our wedding planning couples tell us that we make the wedding planning process a breeze! We’re here to be your right-hand woman, supporting and guiding you through the process, helping you tackle the right tasks at the right time and offering our experience and professional wedding planning advice to ensure you have a professionally planned, beautifully designed and expertly delivered wedding.

Hiring a Wedding Planner gives you access to all of their contacts!
As professional, award-winning wedding planners who predominantly work across London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge & Essex, we have an extensive network of wedding venues and wedding suppliers who are on hand to help you bring your vision for the perfect wedding to life.

Developed over many years, our wedding contacts are tried and tested and recommended to you because we know they’ll expertly deliver the goods or services required to create your dream wedding. Of course, our knowledge doesn’t extend to just wedding venues and suppliers – having planned, designed and produced a vast number of weddings, our team are experts when it comes to the wedding planning process and managing the logistics and flow of your wedding.

Wedding Planners will save you time!
Did you know, that on average, it takes over 250 hours to plan a wedding? That’s a lot of time to find, right? As Wedding Planners, our team are on hand to undertake the lengthy, tricky tasks, leaving you to be involved in the fun elements and of course, make the final decision at each stage of the wedding planning process. Most of our clients are either busy professionals, have family commitments or are based overseas meaning that time isn’t in abundance. Our wedding planners are on hand to save you time whilst ensuring you have a professionally planned wedding.

Wedding Planners will save you money!
Seems like a strange one to include here, but, often, as professional wedding planners, we save our clients money, sometimes so significantly that it equates to more than the fee we charge you! As we mentioned above, we have an amazing network of wedding venues and suppliers that we work with regularly who generally offer a discounted rate or a perk of some description to our wedding planning clients. For example, the tipi companies we work with offer a generous 10% discount and this alone usually equates to at least £1k.

Even in cases where there is no monetary discount, suppliers will generally include ‘extras’ – longer photography coverage, a freebie of some description or a discounted rate on add on services. We really can save you a fortunate whilst giving you the confidence that you have the top wedding suppliers on board.

Of course, there are lots of reasons why hiring a professional wedding planner makes sense and we could be here all day telling you about them! For now, if you’re hoping to get married across London or the East of England and would like to find out more about our wedding planning services, we’d love to hear from you!

You can reach us on 0800 772 0765 or hello@onecuriousdream.com or you can book a free, no-obligation wedding consultation here.

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