5 Wedding Planning Tips – Tasks To Tackle This Weekend!

Wedding Planning Advice

Today I’d love to share some really speedy wedding planning tips that can quickly make a difference to your wedding planning experience. These quick and easy wins could make a huge difference further down the line, so get them ticked off your list this weekend!

As a multi-award-winning Norfolk wedding planner, I can tell you that when it comes to wedding planning, little and often is the way to avoid overwhelm! I know that you’ll probably want to spend your weekend enjoying the sunshine (now it’s finally arrived!), but trust me these wedding planning tasks won’t take long at all!

Wedding Planning Tip 1 – Get your engagement ring insured.

This one is essential! Your beloved will likely have spent a small fortune on your sparkly engagement ring, so making sure you have insurance in place in case of loss or damage will provide a little reassurance. Many shops that sell engagement rings offer an insurance option, but many household insurance policies will also provide cover for a small additional fee.

Wedding Planning Tip 2 – Set up a wedding email address

It may seem obvious, but having one place that you can both access where you keep all wedding-related correspondence will help you keep track of your wedding plans. After all, nobody wants to be digging through their work emails to find that crucial bit of info you’ve discussed with your wedding supplier!

Be disciplined and ensure everything wedding-related is filed in the inbox for ease of reference in the future. This might include emails from your wedding venue and wedding suppliers, and you could also have a folder to collate all of your wedding research. The key to smooth wedding planning is being organised, so get good habits in place from the get-go!

Wedding Planning Tip 3 – Purchase wedding insurance

I know this might seem incredibly dull, but having a comprehensive insurance policy in place will offer peace of mind should the worst happen to your wedding plans. Insurers provide differing levels of cover, mostly related to your wedding budget spend, so do make sure you have enough insurance coverage in place for your projected spend. If you do go over your wedding budget (heaven forbid!), it’s essential that you also update this with your insurance provider. In the current climate, there are only a select few insurers offering policies and most of these will exclude anything Covid-related. Still, it will cover other elements that may go off track, so it’s definitely worth the outlay!

Wedding Planning Tip 4 – Set up a wedding Pinterest board

Slightly more fun, this one! In the old days, couples used to create a physical wedding scrapbook and cut images out of wedding magazines. Old school, right? Thankfully, things have moved on, and using a tool such as Pinterest will allow you to collate your wedding ideas and inspiration efficiently. The other bonus is that you’ll be able to share ideas with your wedding stylist or any other creative supplier that you hire to work on your wedding.

Wedding Planning Tip 5 – The legal bit!

Here’s a very controversial one for you – consider whether you want/need a prenuptial agreement. I know this is about as far from romantic as things can get, but we live in modern times, and you’d be surprised how many couples opt to get this documentation in place before they marry. I know the conversation with your beau may feel uncomfortable, but it’s so much better to have it now, then in the future! Of course, it’s doubtful that you’d ever need to rely on this, but better to be safe than sorry, right?

I hope these quick wedding planning tips have given you a little food for thought. If you have any speedy advice to share with my followers, I’d love to hear from you!

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